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Deep Down in the Jungle


When childhood friends Paul (Michael Gerard) and Dean (Charlie Russo), leave behind everything they know, and travel deep into the South American jungle as medical volunteers, they envisage a trip full of new experiences, adventure and bonding.


However, paradise is soon lost, and they are thrown head first into an unfamiliar and dangerous new world. Their journey of self exploration soon descends into a spiralling, inescapable nightmare of self-destruction and drug abuse.


When Dean dies suddenly, and under mysterious circumstances, Paul flees the jungle, returning to London a broken shell of a man, who must now attempt to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.




Seven years have passed, and Paul is happily married to Dean’s ex fiancée, Michelle (Charlotte Wilson). The quiet calm of their lives is violently shattered when Paul receives a shocking phone call from someone claiming to be Dean, back from the dead.


As a shocked and distraught Michelle turns to friend and confidante Ben (Jason Bailey) to help her deal with the trauma of Dean's apparent resurrection, Dean’s brother (Matt Rozier) receives a similar phone call from someone claiming to be his deceased brother.


The lives of the friends unravel quickly over the course of a day, laying bare a series of disturbing events that will force them to confront and accept what really happened to Dean, deep down in the murky and hidden world of the South American jungle.
Written and Directed by Pablo Brandao 
Based on the short story “By The Yungas Road.” 



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